Residential Services


Computer Works offers in-store and in some cases on-site residential services for installation and repair.  We specialize in the following for our residential customers:

  • Virus / Malware Removal  (In-Store)
  • Hardware upgrades  (In-Store)
  • Data retrieval  (In-Store)
  • Wireless Installations/Repair (On-Site)
  • Internet Installation/Service (On-Site)
  • Performance/Software Issues  (In-Store)
*Please note that we do not support Apple/Mcintosh Products except wireless services

Our technicians will make every effort to start on your in-store service request the same day as delivery.

We will make every effort to try and get a good backup of your data before starting the repair.

How much does it cost?
Our service is billed out at $125 per hour with a one hour minimum.  The average repair cost in most cases is 2 hours. 
What is your turn around time?
Most in-store service work is started the same day with an average turn around of two business days.  In some cases, parts have to be ordered or there are issues with the repair that will cause this time to increase.
Is my data safe if I bring it in?
We make every effort to get a full backup of your data before starting a repair.  Though we are not responsible for any data loss, we will notify you in the event that we were unable to get a full backup.  In these cases, we will request permission to work on the issue before continuing.